Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The New Studio Space!

Hello Everyone,

I'm back after seemingly a long break from blogland! I have been keeping busy with moving and setting up my new studio. Also keeping me VERY busy are two new puppies and huge new painting... (process pics to come)

I am loving my new studio, it's quite a bit bigger than my last one as I actually have room to paint my 5'x5' canvases in it now (yay!) It faces south so there's lots of natural light during the day which I love, plus track lighting and cement floors (nice n' easy cleanup! :)) and its in a great location! So far so fun! I do miss my old workspace though, it was nice and cozy and I miss the patio that was just outside the door... so nice and cool in the summer.

Above: My workspace - drawing table and bookshelves (you can see old studio pics in the Facebook album here: http://on.fb.me/lqlbYs)
Above: Where I paint and a sneak peak at the 5'x5' that I'm working on... (plus my multipurpose beer/paint storage fridge - so convenient!  =D)

Below are the newest additions to my studio... "Sunny" and "Midge", male and female long hair Chihuahuas. They are awesome and so much fun... and yes, ridiculously cute in my opinion ;) lol
Above: Always finding a spot in the sun - it could be 30c and they would still choose to lay in the sun! "Midge"on the left
Above: "Sunny" - the male
Below: Sunny again on the left :)

I have so much more to share with you guys but it will have to wait till next time! I promise not to take such a long break in between posts! ;)

Off to go see what the rest of you have been up to out there then off to bed!

Good night! :)

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