Monday, October 22, 2012

A New Fiery Orange Mandala! :)

I spent another day home sick with yet another cold today...I'm sooo tired of the sniffling and sneezing, but 'tis the season ;) On the bright side, it has given me the time this afternoon to just relax, put on a movie and create a new mandala :) It worked like a charm to take my mind off things ;)

Below are a few process pics...

I started out with a wood panel soaked with water, then I added acrylic inks and alcohol and let them spread naturally where they may...

Above is the final background, almost ready to be painted on :)

After it was dry, I started to freehand the mandala design...

Below is the finished mandala... all that's left to do is paint the sides and it'll be ready to hang! :)

Mixed Media on Wood

I hope you like! I'm off to find some more DayQuil to choke back and possibly order some takeout ;) I hope this evening finds you warm and healthy! :)

Good night and Happy Creating as always! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Wee Process Piccy ;)

Thought I'd post a pic of a lil' on going side project I was working on tonight :) I'm enjoying a night of downtime before gearing up to start work on a new commission in the next few days...I think it'll be a challenging one! Actually, the most challenging thing I'm learning about taking on commissions lately is just being able to chill out and have some faith in my's gotten me this far and I'm most grateful for the lessons I am learning... :)

Time to call it a night and get some zzz's! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Newly Finished Triptych :)

This newly finished piece was a commission for a friend that I sent off to it's new home last week!

I thought I'd share a few process pics with you! :)

Just the early stages, creating a series of half-mandalas so to speak, across the bottom of the canvases using paint pens, Faber Castell Pitt Pens and brush pens...pretty much what I used throughout the whole piece...I love them lately, they allow for so much quick and colourful detail! :)


I stayed away from using a compass with half mandalas in an attempt to give it a more natural/organic feel...I love how they turned out...

Below is one of the panels, almost finished :) Just a few more details to fill in and the sides to paint...

Alas, the finished product...I didn't have a wall big enough to hang it on to take a good picture of it but you get the just of it hopefully! ;)

 Below is a detail of the middle panel - it had some of my favourite "flowers" in it, had to show... :) 

Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas
1.5'x1.5' per panel

On a bit of a side note but I thought I'd mention, the difference in colour in the backgrounds in the pics are due to the difference in lighting...the pics of the finished piece are the truest to the actual colour and taken in bright daylight...makes a huge difference! :O

Have a good night and happy creating! ;) :)

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