Monday, January 23, 2012

Reworking An Old Painting

About a month ago, I was playing around with some stamps and FW acrylic inks, just letting the colours blend and flow where ever they wanted and I managed to come up with this total abomination of a painting! Yayy! (in my opinion I decided it was a disaster and it needed to be put away until my frustration faded.  I wanted to gesso over it and just start from scratch but I'm glad I didn't. I instead used a series of washes with "Prussian Blue" and "Indigo" over top to tame it down a bit and came up with an interesting backdrop for a new painting :)

 Above: The initial painting before 

Progress - adding flowers with gold ink, drops of alcohol, brush pen and a spray bottle

 The finished piece! :)
Mixed Media on Canvas
©WhiteVioletArt 2012


As frustrated as I was with the original painting, I'm glad I decided to rework it instead of starting over from scratch! I'm feeling inspired to start another painting in this style, I'd like to start adding a bit of detail to my work again :) but first, I have to go buy more canvases! ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cosmic Inspiration

I've got a little bit of the January blues today for some reason (despite the awesome weather) and I thought some painting might help take my mind off things and it did...yay! I wasn't sure what to paint at first, then I looked out my front window and saw the full moon.  Whenever I look out at the moon and the stars, I am reminded of all the things they've witnessed on this planet for all these years and my problems all of a sudden seem miniscule and trivial. It inspires me to count my blessings...

So, needless to say, it seemed like the perfect subject matter for me to paint...although it's not turning out quite as I had envisioned. It's taking on a mind of it's own as my paintings seem to do lately, which I am quite enjoying.  Here are a couple of quick snaps to show you where I'm at: (excuse the poor lighting!)

Acrylic/Mixed media on Canvas

 Detail (yep, there are a pair of owls in there...;)

The view of the moon out my front window

Time to hit the hay...have a good night!
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