Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cosmic Inspiration

I've got a little bit of the January blues today for some reason (despite the awesome weather) and I thought some painting might help take my mind off things and it did...yay! I wasn't sure what to paint at first, then I looked out my front window and saw the full moon.  Whenever I look out at the moon and the stars, I am reminded of all the things they've witnessed on this planet for all these years and my problems all of a sudden seem miniscule and trivial. It inspires me to count my blessings...

So, needless to say, it seemed like the perfect subject matter for me to paint...although it's not turning out quite as I had envisioned. It's taking on a mind of it's own as my paintings seem to do lately, which I am quite enjoying.  Here are a couple of quick snaps to show you where I'm at: (excuse the poor lighting!)

Acrylic/Mixed media on Canvas

 Detail (yep, there are a pair of owls in there...;)

The view of the moon out my front window

Time to hit the hay...have a good night!


  1. Hi Cindy
    I know what you mean about the January blues, I am in the middle of them myself. So much to do and feeling so frazzled so early in the year. Arghhh.
    I just love this painting, and I love the 2 owls on the branch, so fitting. The full moon always makes me feel better, even if I don't get much sleep on those nights.

  2. Hi Lee!
    Thank you so much! I totally know what you mean about the not sleeping thing when there's a full moon, I hardly slept a wink! It's funny how the moon can effect us! :)


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