Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Largest Half Mandala I've Ever Done :)

This was a half mandala that I had finished about 2 months ago but didn't get the chance to post the process pics until now. It is one of my favourite paintings as well so I had to share ;) I have lots of pics to show you too! ;)

Below is the beginning of the background and it's various stages...

Adding some alcohol and some texture

Aaaaand some more alcohol and texture and a bit of sepia ink... :)


Below is a detail of the surface of the canvas, still wet

Then, the beginnings of the mandala...painted on my lap for the most part while watching movies ;)


Below, a few detail shots of the progress....

Almost finished! ;) yayy!


The finished piece... :)

 2ft x4ft
Mixed Media on Canvas

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