Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some Items For Sale :)

Hello all! It's been a few months since my last post, I always seem to leave my writing to the last minute and then I'm on to the next project and it just gets left on the back burner! *sigh* Well, now I am finding myself once again in the midst of moving! Both living space and studio space, hopefully this will be the last move for a couple of years ;) I will be downsizing a little bit so I thought I'd take the opportunity to write a post and share with my blogging peeps, a few pieces of my original art that I am looking for new homes for :) All are very reasonably priced from $15 - $250 and range in size from 8x8 in - 2x2 ft. Here are some pics and links if you'd like to have a looksie! :)
"Shell Studies"
Mixed Media on Canvas with Cradled Wood Frame
$25.00 CDN ea or $40.00 for the pair!
Click here to view or purchse this item in my Etsy shop!

Golden Swirls - Mandala Garden
Mixed Media on Wood
$200.00 CDN
Click here to view or purchase this item from my Etsy shop!
"Peacock Blue Abstract"
Mixed Media on Wood
$20.00 CDN
The Etsy Listing! ;)
"Primal Abstract Mandala"
Mixed Media on Canvas
$15.00 CDN
Click here for the Etsy Listing
"Very Violet" 1/4 Mandala
Mixed Media on Canvas
2x2 ft
$250.00 CDN
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek! Please feel free to share! :) Happy Creating as always!
- Cindy

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