Sunday, November 14, 2010

Resin Experimentation - Part 2! :)

Here are some results from my resin experimenting I mentioned in my last post. Sorry for the delay! It's been busy around here! ;)

First up, here is what one of the pieces looked like in the beginning with just oil pastel on wood - then coated with a matte fixative as a sealant.

After the first resin coating had cured, I went in to do some detailing over top of the resin with coloured Sharpies... (above)
Then I added some 3D paint to see what it was like and added some coloured rhinestones. It this pic you can see where I ran into some trouble with the resin on the bottom right of the piece. I'm guessing I missed a spot with my fixative and the oil pastel repelled the resin away. It just wouldn't stick no matter how many times I tried to go over it so I gave up and painted over it anyway and thought I'd see what happened with the second resin coating.
Ready for the 2nd coat...
 Freshly coated pieces! Eeeee!
 1 hour in and so far the resin is sticking to the problem spot, YAY!
This last pic is my major experimentation piece, trying new materials and techniques - paint pens, masking fluid, scratching designs into dry paint and more sharpies etc. It is definitely a style I am not accustomed to but we'll see how it looks in the end.  This piece is going to get more "doodling" once this 2nd coating has cured and then a 3rd and final coat. Hopefully the layering will have give it some funky effects when it is all done! :)


  1. I love your pieces. The resin gives it such depth and brings out all the colours. Well done

  2. Thank you Lee! :) This is a messy, challenging medium for me for sure!

  3. I am so loving your doodling stuff. Such vibrancy of colour and shape.

    The resin makes it all gleam. And here I am still stuck trying to work out how to use varnish :D Keep showing stuff, I need to learn :D

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    (still in awe of your design skill)


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