Monday, November 22, 2010

Experimentation Piece - More Resin! :)

Some of you may be wondering how my big experimentation piece turned out with all the new techniques and materials I've been trying. Well, it is by far the busiest piece I've ever created, lot's to look at for sure! But I did experiment and learn a lot so it has served it's purpose!

Here is what it looked like from my last post:

 The above pic is the second layer of paint and during the second resin coating. I used some dimensional paint, sparkly paint pens and coloured Sharpies and some acrylic paint. After the second coat of resin had cured, I noticed that some of the coloured Sharpies ran and blended into each other and the background - any definition I had intended to create with them was gone. I tried to go over it again on top with this last painting layer but it kinda ruined the layering effect I was going for.

You can see what I mean in the pics below... :(
This is not just a crappy pic, the marker is actually that blurry and smudged! Sharpies are not lookin' so "sharp" anymore! =D
 It also turned my "dark green" stems and nice shade of "green-blue" lol! 
Ahh well!
The pics below show where I tried to "fix" the smudged look by going over it again on the new layer of resin...

I wanted this flower to look like it was in the background (first layer type thing) but putting a new outline on it with the new layer made it pop forward a bit.  I thought I could get away with it but nope.  Lots of learning on this piece! =D
This is the final layer of paint (among other things :D) Some rhinestone embellishments, more dimensional paint, the addition of a paper butterfly I made and some more sparkles.  Way out of my element and comfort zone here, I am not usually this "girlie" with the sparkles etc, but it was fun! :)
(See what I mean by "busy"? lol)
 And here it is, all taped up and ready for the final coating of resin.  As of now, it has been curing for 6 hrs with only a couple of reoccurring bubbles that came out of nowhere (they managed to fix themselves once the resin thickened up enough - yay!)

So that is that for another day! I have learned so much so far these last few weeks it's crazy! I will be working on commissions for the next few weeks up until Christmas so my posts may be a little irregular. These commissions are gifts and I don't want to ruin any surprises by posting about their progress.  I am keeping photos though so in the new year I can show you all what I was doing. :)

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone, I hope it's nice and cozy and warm where you are! (it's -36C here with the windchill right now... brrrrrrrrr!)
Good night guys! :)



  1. Gorgeous work.. a wonderful visual and sensory experience..the color energies are spectacular!

  2. Thanks so much Kiki! These resin coating lessons were a huge learning experience for me! I quite enjoyed it! :)
    Thanks for taking a peek! :)

  3. oh I am so loving resin! The finished piece is AMAZING! love how the colors pop. I am so going to have to get you to come over and teach me a thing or know you learn more by teaching. did I convince you yet? :)

  4. wonderful art and blog - looking forward to following

  5. The final result is incredilbe an love all the detail. I work with resin on small scale paintings and enjoy it but have never tried it on a large painting. This is inspiring me to try. So glad you shared your learning experience and the painting is just gorgeous!

  6. OMG this is so gorgeoues..!! I lvoe it...I have to try resin someday..!

  7. Thanks for the comments guys! Much appreciated :)

  8. Your art is very stylistic and dreamy. I love all the many designs and bright colors. Gorgeous!


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