Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some iPhone Photos Worth A 2nd Look ;)

I am totally amazed at what you can do with photos on your phone these days! I am loving some of the various artsy photo apps out there, a great way get insprired and be creative when you can't be in the studio :) All the original photos were taken with an iPhone and played with using Adobe Photoshop it and it's free to boot! :)

Below - a pic a friend took of the wood planks of a deck

Then I made it into my wallpaper for my phone, lol...
Almost looks like there's a bear staring at you now in the bottom right corner... weird! 

 Below: Finished washing dishes and this mischievous face was staring back at me! No kidding! Creepy!

So I had to play around with it - haha!

Below: This is part of the trunk of a 96 year old protected "Heritage Tree" in my neighbourhood - it's HUGE! It's branches span all the way across to the other side of the street... very cool tree...

Love how colourful it turned out...the texture is amazing too! I want to paint it and see what I come up with :)
Below: Driving back from out of town and saw a rainbow in the distance - had to take a pic ;)

After some cropping and touch ups - I LOVE it!!

A couple other fave's of mine are "ColorBlast!" and "Instagram" - worth checking out if you have an iPhone ;) They're no replacement for canvas and paint for me but they are a great way to stay creative and keep in touch with other artsy peeps! :)


  1. great photos Cindy and I love how you have altered them. I love the texture on that old tree.

  2. Thanks Lee! I definitely had some fun playing around with them! :)

  3. Love the photos. There are days I could waste hours just playing with different effects on pics. But then again is it really wasting time if we are learning and creating?

  4. Thanks Marianne! My thoughts exactly! ;)


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