Sunday, April 22, 2012

Damaged Mandala Love ;)

A little over a month ago I posted a process picture "here" on my Facebook page of a mandala that I was working on. (Below, with one of my lil' chihuahuas Midge, is the last process pic I have before yesterday) I really liked it, the colours and design were coming along quite nicely, then I discovered a little snag on the edge of the wood where it was coming apart - of course I tugged on it thinking I could just pull it off but I ended up ripping an entire strip from the surface of the wood! :'( There was already a line through the surface as well so you'd think I would've been a little more cautious! (In this pic you can see the damage in the top left corner - even lil "Midgey" looks sad about it, LOL) But I decided that rather than toss it, I'd continue to work and experiment on it - after all, everything has its flaws! ;) ;)

Below is the rest of what I painted yesterday on my deck in the sun...still really enjoying this little project!

I haven't quite finished all the water shading (just put the colour down with watercolour pencil) but I am already mulling over ideas for this lil piece... possibly as a background for making bookmarks and postcards, etc with text... I really like it and don't want to waste it! :) We'll see what happens with it!

Above is an example of one of the possibilities I was considering...just a wood grain filter put over top of the image - I thought it went really well with the damaged area! ;) Might as well go with it! :)

Thanks as always for popping by! :)

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