Saturday, April 14, 2012

My First Buddha Painting :)

This is a little painting I did a couple of weeks ago that I posted to the facebook page here. I took some process pics of it though so I thought I'd post them in the blog for those of you who may not have seen it yet :) For those of you who have - here's the process pics! ;)

This piece was done on a left over wood panel that was originally supposed to have a print of mine mounted to it but I messed it up and had to tear it off and mount it to another wood panel :( Luckily I saved the original piece of wood though, I totally forgot I had it!

Below is the beginning of the painting - creating the background - always my favourite part! :) Plus a bit of the under drawing if you can see it...

This is the completed face using watercolour pencil and gold acrylic ink... the next step is the lotus flower...

The lotus flower is done with acrylic ink and grey water colour pencil for some of the shading. I also added a little more detail with the hair - also shaded and outlined with brown water colour pencil...

It's pretty much done in this pic, I added the stem to the lotus (water colour pencil only) and rubbed some burnt umber around the corners and edges with a dry cloth for a slightly worn/vignette look :)

After a lil' more definitive tweaking and shading (hair and facial features mainly), voila! The finished piece... :)

I really enjoyed painting this one, it was such a calming subject to paint and everything went so smoothly, no big mess ups and I was generally satisfied with how the face turned out! One of my fave's for sure! :)

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