Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A New Abstract Piece

This piece was originally supposed to be a new background for a new painting but ended up turning into a new abstract piece instead. I hadn't done one in quite a while! It was fun! ;)

 A little hard on the eyes at this point! Although I do like the contrasting colours a lot...

Below: the beginning on the tone down...just started adding some darker blues, browns and more yellows to dull it a bit and make it easier to look at...

Added burnt umber to the corners with a rag as kind of a vignette and started adding white ink over top. I also used some bubble wrap pressed onto wet paint for the first time to add texture, I've seen so many other people use it, thought I'd give it a try ;) 

Here is the finished piece, out on the back deck :) Yay for sunny spring days! ;)

Acrylic Ink on Wood

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