Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Sign at Heritage Music

Today I got to do something that terrified the heck outta me...not only did it involve heights and climbing scaffolding but also painting the largest painting I've ever done! 5ftx16ft! It was a great experience overall and I'm glad I did it! Once I was up there and working (15ft off the ground - not that far up but far enough!) it wasn't so bad ;)

The owner of the store (Heritage Music and Posters) wanted a cleaner, simpler look to the front of the store but still with some funky lettering. Here are a few process pics to have a look at! Here's a shot to give you an idea how high up I was painting - fun stuff! :O Yikes!

Below is the very beginning - creating a chalk sketch of the letters, I was a little wobbly at first but I got the hang of it soon enough...

Yay! The first 4 letters are finished at this point, moved along quite smoothly actually!

The only frustrating thing was not being able to see how things look as a whole when you're up there a foot away from the wall, climbing up and down constantly wasn't an option for me! But just so happened, my friend was passing by and I asked her to take a photo and send it to me so I could see what I was doing instead of climbing down to stand on the road LOL! It actually was quite helpful!

Below: Down to the last letter! And it had started to thunder and rain damn it! I continued on though - had to get it all done today! ;) (My trusty helper Terry climbing up the scaffolding - she was such a big help and made things go by so much faster!)

And the finished sign! Glad to have done it and it was a definite first for me, I learned so much! I look forward to doing some more work on this building in the near future :)

Cheers for now! Happy Creating!


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  1. Hmmm, you've got me thinking about a way to advertise for the Libraries banner-wise. Why pay thousands of dollars to get one printed when I could paint it myself :D

    And go you! Fabulous experience.



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