Monday, April 8, 2013

A Very "Violet" Mandala ;)

I decided to challenge myself recently by painting with colours that I don't commonly use...just to see what I would come up with...there were a couple of stages where I just wanted to gesso over the whole thing and start fresh! Glad I didn't though...stuck with my mandala making motto: there's no such thing as a mistake! Just keep working with it and see what you learn - such as life ;)

The first few pics are just the laying down of the purples, red-violet and blues...I already had an idea of where and how I wanted to do the mandala design so I tried using the inks with that in mind - something I also never normally do when creating a background.


Riiiiiight around this stage I already wanted to start over ;) Didn't like it at all!

Wasn't too crazy about this stage either! :D lol But I continued on with it....

Then things started to take shape and I actually started to like it...below, the mandala design was almost complete. I had already started painting some areas with silver and white - couldn't resist ;)


Below: the design finished, just adding copper and gold paint and thickening some of the black lines...

And viola! The finished piece...I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the stages of this painting, it was definitely a memorable experience for me :)
Mixed Media on Canvas


  1. Hi Cindy, I discovered your work via Instagram and am so in awe of your mandalas! The detail is incredible, and I've just been enjoying your process posts {something I do a lot too} and seeing how they come together. You must have extraordinary patience to produce such detailed perfection on a large scale!


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