Saturday, June 26, 2010

My New Butterfly Mandala!

Hello All!

Once again, the day has come to an end... without enough hours in it as usual!

Since I will not be able to take this Monday off work to paint, I have been trying to fit as much "art" into today as humanly possible... it has been pretty productive but I am exhausted and can hardly keep my eyes open...

In an earlier blog (A Late Night Post), I posted a sketch of a "butterfly woman" mandala from my sketch book that was inspired by Kelly's Rae's course... This is what I have been working on today and thought I'd give you a glimpse of what she is starting to look like... I hope you like her! :)

Acrylic Ink on Canvas
16"x 20" x 1.25"

So there she is so far, I can't wait to start adding the colour! I would love to do it right now but I have a feeling I would fall asleep on the canvas! I've already spilled a tray of black ink on my new carpet because of my tired, klutziness! Don't worry, I got it out... gotta love those Oxy cleaning products! You can't even tell it was there :)

I will post another update on this piece before it is finished to keep you up to date but for now, have a great night everyone!


  1. This painting is going to be already is! I'm from flying lessons and am doing a bit of blog hopping. It sure is fun. I will definitely be back to check out your progress.


  2. I have just found your blog and I love your mandalas. They are beautiful.

  3. Hello, beautiful work. Is the third version in blue and green available for purchase as a print?

    Peace ~ Kimberly


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