Monday, June 21, 2010

Shortest "Longest Day of the Year" Ever...

Hello Everyone!

Today was "painting day" and I managed to get 2 paintings started, re-sized a few new photos to publish and collected some reference for my butterfly mandala. I also took a nice break outside for an hour long walk to enjoy the sunshine. I really loved having the whole day to myself, save for a little visitor that came to see me this afternoon while waiting for paint to dry...

It was a little blue eyed kitty that crawled under my patio fence to check out my flowers...

 ...and decided to come over to the window for a wee visit :)

"Purrr"...sooo cute, nice of her to pop over and break up my day!

Yet another summer solstice has come to and end and for me it was the shortest "longest day of the year" ever! I feel like I have so much more to do but I am exhausted and ready to call it a night!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Summer Solstice and had some nice weather to go along with it! 

Nighty Night! :)

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