Friday, July 27, 2012

First Day Of My Visit To Newfoundland

Above is actually a view of the ocean from Signal Hill...there was so much fog today that they couldn't land our plane, we ended up having to fly to the other side of the island to refuel before attempting to land again. We only ended up being 3.5 hours late...better late than never though! At least it was warm out and it ended up being a nice sunny day by the end of it all! :)

Below is me with a big, friendly and cuddly Newfoundland dog :)

Above is one of the views from Signal Hill...still a lot of fog but beautiful none the less!

The little white speck in the ocean was a fishing boat going out to sea, I only had my iphone on me to take pics with at the time...better ones to come hopefully :) This was only day one! ;) I'm hoping to take in some of the George Street Festival as well as check out some of the local art galleries among other things...more to come! :)

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