Friday, August 24, 2012

Experimenting With Rose Petals! :)

I had some beautiful flowers that I wanted to preserve without having to to hang them to I thought I'd see if I could incorporate them into a piece of art <3 I had never tried this before but thought I'd give it a shot...

The flowers I used had already dried a bit so I soaked them in some water for an hour or two to see if I could soften them up! Worked like a charm...

Below is one of the lil pieces created with them...

I used clear gesso to adhere the petals to the canvas and will probably put a coat or two of self leveling clear gel over top to protect them. I even love the damaged petals, I think they add a bit of charm! :)

I can't wait to use more flower petals in future projects! It's one way to make flowers and memories last that much longer! :)

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