Saturday, November 3, 2012

The 2nd of Four Mandalas ;)

As mentioned in the last blog entry, I am creating 4 little mandalas for a show and sale this weekend :) Below is the second one which I think is my favourite one so was my least favourite background though...wasn't sure how this was going to turn out but I think the line work ended up making this piece what it is...hope you agree...

Here's where it all started...

The very beginnings of the mandala...

A little further along...things are beginning to take shape! :)

Below is the finished piece...despite the lack of contrasting colours, this one turned out to be my fave...It was my favourite one to create out of them all so far and I totally got lost in the stuff...I hope it goes over well ;)

Mixed Media on Wood


  1. How did you get the background? Can you write about tecnic u use? Love your art!

    1. Thank you very much ;) This background was created using a series of acrylic ink drops and washes as well as drops of alcohol layered over one another. Very easy to do and fun! For the designs themselves, I usually use acrylic ink and paint pens...thanks for the comment and feedback! :)



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