Monday, November 5, 2012

The Lil' Holiday Show and Sale

Last night was the little Holiday Show and Sale held at a friends was a lot of fun and there were a lot of vendors! I learned so much from everyone there and got to sell a few pieces and pick up a few things for myself as well ;) So glad I took part! :)

Below are a few of the items I was getting ready before the show...

My little set up ;) Mental note...must purchase a small folding table ;) but I made due!

Below are a few of the pieces that were sent off to new homes :)

Overall this was a great experience for me, I have not done any shows of any kind as I usually rely on word of mouth and an online presence to let people see my art and what I do so this was a nice lil' stepping stone. It was a great way to see how others do it and ask a tonne of questions :) I also got some great feedback as well as another commission and a couple of "trades" :) And oh yeah...there was also wine and great friends I hadn't seen in quite a while! :) A awesome night for sure! ;) I'm very grateful for the opportunity! ♥ :)

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