Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blues Fest 2010

As some of you know I had the opportunity to work Blues Fest this year. I wasn't really a "blues" fan in particular but I love live music of any kind so I decided to partake! :) I was not disappointed by any means, a lot of great bands were showcased.  Among some of my favs were The Mason Rack BandLittle Feat and The Chigaco Blues Reunion just to name a few.  I'm glad I didn't miss out! Some of the perks: back stage passes, free cd's, meeting some of the band members and enjoying some ice cold beer (that I didn't have nearly enough time to have enough of, lol)
The grounds early on in the day on Saturday, Aug 7 - not too busy yet!

The Mason Rack Band was one of my favourites of the festival. In the pic below, the lead singer brings out the floor drum to the front of the stage while the drummer is still playing it and places it beside a couple of empty kegs.  The other 2 band members then join the drummer in a collaborative drum solo and start tossing their drum sticks back and forth to eachother without missing a beat! Really cool to see in a small environment if you ever get the chance! 

The Mason Rack Band

The bands were not the only colourful characters there either, this guy was awesome, such a sweetheart and definitely enjoying Blues Fest! Everyone was asking him if they could take a pic of him and of course he would allow you to for a price: a hug! :) LOL

I had a tonne of fun this year with this event and am thinking about volunteering for it next year as well (hopefully I won't have so much on my plate already like I did this year!)

Delicious Big Rock Grasshopper :)

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

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