Monday, August 2, 2010

Week One of the Creative Colour Challenge

For week one of Louise Gale's Creative Colour Challenge, she has chosen the colour "sunflower yellow".  Not wanting to paint the obvious sunflower, I went for the abstract! Shocking I didn't create any kind of mandala I know! ;)

Here's a couple of pics if you would like to have a peek! :)

Acrylic ink on canvas

With painted sides - 2 yellow and 2 black

Cropped detail

It was interesting being restricted to only one colour plus black and white.  I don't think that I would have done something like this on my own, I absolutely LOVE using colours of all sorts. I think it turned out ok though, a good experiment I would say.  I am using up the last of my 4"x4" canvases, hence the small size in case you were wondering.  (Only one more left)  I figured these would be good projects to use them up on.

Well, that's it for the first week of the Creative Colour Challenge.  I will post every week as the projects get completed.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. I love this! Excellent design and quick off the mark too!

    Mine's in progress, but I fear I have the wrong yellow.

    You should be seriously proud :D

    (and thanks for following my blog!)

  2. Thank you! I only have weekends to do any serious painting so I thought I'd jump on it and get it done!
    Gumnut, now you have me wondering if I had the right yellow, LOL! ;) Thank you too for the blog follow!

  3. Yes, yours is definitely the right yellow. Mine is lemon yellow. I'm working with pastels and didn't have enough shades of the brighter yellow to work with, so I went with a still bright yellow, but the hue is different enough that instead of going brown when darkened, it goes green. An interesting aspect of this exercise. I'm curious to see what other incidental colours come up through simple shading in others' work.

    Good on you for not procrastinating :D I have time constraints in the form of two children, two years and four months, so it is potluck whether I get to do anything on any particular day, so I grab what I can.

    I still love this piece. It's dramatic.

    (still fumbling with Blogger)

  4. Hi there! I love your yellow piece but am even more in awe of your mandalas...beoootiful! So intricate and such lovely colours. I had considered a mandala for the yellow challenge but am glad i didn't! :0)
    I look forward to seeing what comes next inspired by colour!
    ps. Thankyou for stopping by my blog! X

  5. Excellent work! That looks absolutely amazing. I love the vibrancy and how it just worked within the flow! I am also using mini canvases at the moment, and feel drawn to using them for this Color Challenge to see where my painting takes me. So far it's surprising me in new ways! :) (I just have to figure out what canvas size I am actually painting on - seeing as it doesn't say)

  6. I love this piece, it's beautiful. The flow of the lines is mesmerizing!


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