Monday, August 30, 2010

My Weekend In Banff

Hello again Everyone!

I hope all of you had a great weekend :) I actually got to get away to Banff for a bit so I thought I'd post some pics for you to see. I feel fortunate to live so close to a place so beautiful!

My highlight of this trip was trying to conquer my fear of heights, I didn't really succeed but it was fun trying! We took the gondola up Sulpher mountain to check out the views and go for a little hike.

Hope you enjoy!

Going up the mountain
Banff Springs Hotel
Same view but little farther up (did I mention I don't like heights? Lol)
Lots of friendly little critters - if you can spot 'em!

Found an Inukshuk along the way :)
View from the other side of the mountain
Here is just a little doodle I did in my sketchbook while waiting to go for some dinner Sunday night, thought I'd share that too :)

Black and white version in Photoshop

This was done with water colour and black india ink. I prefer the colour quality of my acrylic inks but I like how water colours blend... it felt good to do something creative!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Off to do the weekend laundry!


  1. Gorgeous shots!! When we were in the Smoky Mt.s we took one of those tram lifts up to the mountains, and I DID NOT like it all! But it's wonderful once you're up there.
    P.S. Love your doodle too!

  2. Beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Banff. Great doodle too.


  3. Gorgeous! I love going to Banff and we love staying at the Douglas Fir Lodge - It's great for kids! It's a nice get away on the weekends. I love your sketch!

  4. what beautiful photos, I would love to visit there one day.
    Love your doodle, great colours

  5. Thank you guys, it sure was a nic getaway! (even the fear conquering part turned out to be not so bad! ;))

  6. Your photos are beautiful! But that hand is a little too close for comfort to the critter.
    I love your mandalas. I think I may have told you that once before.
    Thanks for all of your comments you've left on my blog about Goldie. I have been wanting to share the story for a long time. I needed to get over my fear of blogging first.


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