Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Blog Look

As you can tell, I'm trying to revamp the look of my blog while incorporating my new White Violet mandala. I want to go for a more "fresh" look, not so dark but I'm not sure if it's too much of a contrast from the old look. I am so not a tech person either so you'll have to bare with me, lol! Wish me luck! (Trust me, I'll need it! LOL) Any input/feedback is always appreciated! :)

The Old Blog look...
I will get the hang of this soon enough! ;)  Time to get back to some relaxing painting... :)


  1. I am loving this new clean, uncluttered look--you did good!

  2. I like the new look of your blog :)
    (I always find dark text on a light background easier to read)

    Your color challenge this week is great - and I love the process pics on your facebook page!

  3. Wow, I'd gotten used to your swish black :D But yes, tying everything into your logo design is a good idea.

    I'm finding the pure white a touch stark, however. What about leaving the posts and gadget backgrounds white, but changing the main page background to the dark blue you have featured in your logo? The white on blue combo will echo your logo and help tie it all together.

    Hmmm, and maybe throw in a dash of that golden yellow...maybe the post and gadget borders? You'd only need a smidgen.

    Just a thought. In the end your work speaks for itself anyway :D

    Love the header :D

    (who kept her blog basically white so it wouldn't clash with any artwork there's another thought for you :D)

  4. Thank you for the feedback guys, very reassuring and helpful! :)

  5. Your page looks awesome. I liked the black background as well , but the new color scheme and layout flows nicely :)

  6. Hi, I like your new layout with the new mandala! It looks clean and fresh. Idea: a lighter shade of violet for the background might look even more fresh? Maybe try and see what looks better. Wini

  7. Thanks Wini! I'm having a hard time deciding on background colour for some reason. I had it with a very light grey background at first but it seemed too stark, then I tried varying shades of purple but it just seemed hard on the eyes, lol. I have to keep fiddling around till I'm satisfied I guess!

    Thanks very much for your input! Much appreciated :) I love the feedback!


  8. I love your new page, especially with your mandala as your logo. I like the coloured background.


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