Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Last "Creative Colour Challenge"!

I can't believe that it has been 5 weeks already! I am going to miss this challenge for sure! It was a joy to see everyone's work every week and to meet so many amazing artists!

This weeks challenge was "Lavender" purple with the option to use any of the colours from the past challenges... so I used them all... lol! Why not?

This is what I came up with:

Silver Lotus
Acrylic on Wood
10"x 10"x 0.8"

I consider this painting a funky study in wood grain... as I was staining the wood purple, I noticed the grain showing through, I liked it so I decided to work with it.  However, as I started to add colour to it following the pattern of the grain, I started to feel "confined" for lack of a better word.  I didn't feel as able to express myself visually as with past pieces.  The use of colour loosened me up a bit but it still felt constrained. I felt like I couldn't break outside the pattern of the grain.  Weird feeling.  It was a good experience though as I am not completely dissatisfied with this piece and i actually really like the slightly psychedelic pond effect that I ended up with :)

If any of you would like to see some progress pics of this piece, I have posted more photos in my Facebook album :)

I will truly miss this challenge and I hope Louise puts on another one some time soon - I would love to take part! It was a great experience! Here's a little review of my pieces:

Wk.1 Sunflower Yellow, Wk.2 Raspberry Red, Wk.3 Turquoise, Wk.4 Sea Green, Wk.5 Lavender
Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend (hopefully you are having better weather than we are here in Calgary! :D)

Happy Creating!


  1. Beautiful piece again. I can see the wood grain and then I see the pond and that you have put them together for this piece works really well. I know what you mean about the weather! What's up with that? Hugs

  2. I love how you worked with the wood grain - the result is great :)

    You created a beautiful series during the color challenge!

    (I look forward to seeing what you do post-challenge!)

  3. Just gorgeous. The way you have worked with the grain and created a pond is just so creative. Great idea to have all the colours in the last challenge.
    All of your challenge entries have been lovely. I have really enjoyed seeing them and the step by step process photos.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope there is another one so I can join in too.
    Lee :)

  4. This is beautiful! I love it, along with the rest of the pieces from the challenge. I'm sad that I only got to take part in the last 2 colors of this challenge. Let's bug Louise to keep the challenge going!


  5. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments and feedback! :) I agree we should bug Louise to come up with another challenge, this one was so good! I think it should be ongoing ;)

  6. Wow! I just love this one it is so calming.

  7. I swear I replied to this one last week (the same time I posted to the previous post). Blogger must have eaten it, sorry!

    Anyways, I love this piece. Particularly the woodgrain aspect and the colours you've used to illustrate it. And the more natural flow of the flower balances it all out beautifully.

    I can totally understand how you felt restricted by being constrained to what the grain chose to do. But the result is beautiful so it was worth it.

    Can't wait to see what you'll do next. Did you finish that butterfly mandala? (Warning: I have an extremely poor memory)

    Oh, and thanks heaps for poking me on Twitter ::hugs::

    (one handed over the top of breakfast)

  8. Wow - I love how you went with the grain. I have just bought my first wood panels from Dick Blick in the US - I usually make my own but I wanted to try these with deep sides - and can't wait now I'm all inspired by your gorgeous lotus! Thanks for popping over to say hi - have a lovely weekend, x Donna

  9. Thanks again for the sweet comments! :)

    About the Butterfly Mandala... it hasn't been an easy project, that's for sure, lots of mess ups for some reason! That's why I haven't posted any updates on it. I think I jinxed myself! :D I have been working on it for the past couple of days though and I'm hoping to have some pics to post tomorrow. Still feels far from finished ;)

    Donna, I just bought some wood panels with deep sides too! Love them! I can't wait to see what you paint on yours! :) Thanks for popping over too!



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