Sunday, September 19, 2010

Revisiting Some Old Work

"Four Elements"
Pastel on Paper
10"x 12"
©White Violet Art

Recently I have been inspired to start working with pastels again by this post from fellow blogger "Gumnut" of Facets and Fractals. I love how crisp and clean her pastel work is and thought I should give it a shot again. The piece above was the last time I had used pastels (over 20 years ago!) I can't believe I still have this, it's crazy! I had to share. I remember not liking the pastels because I didn't feel like I could be very "precise" with them.  I think it turned out ok though especially for an 11 year old! :) Even more hilarious, I also found the original pastels that I used! :D I think I will have to purchase some new ones! If anyone has any recommendations or favourite brands, I'm all ears!

While rummaging through some of my other older stuff, I also came across this piece I did in 2007. It was actually inspired by this kids instructional book on how to draw dragons that I got at my local book store on sale for $5, lol. I thought I'd draw one for fun! This is still one of my favourite drawings so I thought I'd post it too! The tail is my favourite part! :)

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!
11"x 17"
Graphite on Illustration Board
©White Violet Art


  1. Hi Cindy
    I love the brightness of your pastel and yes I think you did manage to get precise edges.
    Now, you dragon is just stunning. Wow! So detailed.

  2. Ooh, wow, I'm glad I inspired you :D And thanks for the mention and link :D

    You can see your love of bold colour even when you were eleven. I was still wotking in black and white at that age. Nice.

    I love the dragon. A beautiful piece of work. Thanks for sharing both.

    I use Rembrandt pastels. Mid-range expensive, but lovely colours (watch out for some of the deep reds, though, the pigments are a little hard compared to the other colours softness). The next level up is Schminke - Seriously drool-worthy and expensive. I have a few, but mine are mostly rembrandt.

    Hope you have some great messy fun.

    (strangled by laundry)

  3. Wow! i LOVE that you have kept your artwork from when you were 11 years of age! And you were clearly talented then! (no surprise there!!) You have got me thinking...I probably have some bits and bobs from waaaay back too.... must have a look I shall share if i do! :)
    Ps... Your dragon is STUNNING!

  4. fractals are an amazing thing!
    wonderful to visit here
    & meet you & your feathery dragon!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I can't believe I still have artwork that old either... I think the credit has to go to my mom for that ;) She kept a lot of our stuff! :)


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