Monday, October 11, 2010

Being Thankful... :)

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends out there!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind myself of all the things in my life that I have to be thankful for...

1. Supportive family and friends - old and new
2. A roof over my head  (last year our home was destroyed by flooding and we had to "relocate" to say the least... such a disaster! (see #1 again) Very appreciative of our warm, dry home!)
3. My messy little studio (it might be small but a few years ago, my drawing table was a main piece of furniture in my living room :D (along with my bed, LOL - gotta love studio apartments))
4. My health - physically and mentally
5. My job (love being able to have that extra day off every week to work on my art!)
6. Rediscovering my love for making art (yes, it went away for a while)
7. Finding this wonderful and invaluable online community of artists - I had no idea you were even out there!
8. The fact that over the last two days, I have filled my belly with turkey, squash, yummy veggies, potatoes and wine :)

Ahh... it feels good to remind myself that life's not so bad! ;)

On a side note, while taking breaks waiting for paint to dry today, I started "doodling" over my "doodle" from this post and I thought I'd share the results :)

 Before the "redoodling"

 On the same black background

On a white background taken in daylight

I sprayed on a fixative to seal the chalk and then put clear gesso over top.  Then I went in with coloured pencil and acrylic ink. It was good to experiment! There is some detailing in the black spot to the right but it just didn't show up in any of the photos. Not a huge deal though... just a doodle! :)

Have a great week! :)


  1. I love your artwork! I finished a little piece for today's Creative Tuesday challenge and it reminded me very much of "White Violet Art styleee"! So if you didn't know it already you are a trend setter for sure :)
    Ps. I am having at "giveaway of goodness" at the mo if you fancy popping over..would love you to join in :)x

  2. Happy thanksgiving!

    I love the new doodles on this piece. Certainly draws out the depth and makes the colour bounce. I particularly like the shading. Great stuff!

    Thanks for sharing.

    (who has two works in progress at once)

  3. Thank you thank you! :)
    Gumnut, I'm really enjoying this weeks Drawing Lab challenge, good choice! I'm creating all sorts of creepy characters :)
    Jenny, I'm off to go check out your "giveaway of goodness"! :) Sounds like fun! I'm always up for a good giveaway! :D
    Thanks for your wonderful comments!

  4. Hello fellow Canadian, eh!

    you have a great design and pattern sense! just thought you should know that! hehehe....

    ciao bella!


  5. Thanks Carmelina! :) It's great to meet another Canadian! <3


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