Thursday, October 28, 2010

Drawing Lab Challenge #4

This weeks Drawing Lab Challenge was #4 (Lab 33, Page 92) "Doodling On Steroids".

"Research has shown that doodling in meetings actually helps you pay better attention as it keeps your brain occupied just enough to keep you from daydreaming and missing the content of the meeting altogether." (Drawing Lab - by Carla Sonheim, pg 92)

The instructions were to listen to a podcast or audio book and just let yourself doodle whatever came out of your subconscious - as your mind should be focused on what you are hearing.

I ended up creating this doodle while listening to two of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories: "The Black Cat" - a horror story about a cat (published 1845 and rather disturbing) and "Angel of the Odd", a comedy about being drunk :D (published in 1844). I thought since Hallowe'en is approaching, Poe would be fitting ;)

It's a little smudgy in spots and it's not the best photo but it served its purpose! I definitely zoned out with this one ;)

The materials used were: coloured pencil, oil pastel, pastel chalk, india ink, brush pen, charcoal, pencil and an eraser "stick" for some attempted blending.  

This was an interesting exercise as I usually try to listen to something while I make art - whether it be a course I'm taking, music or audio book... I find it takes the pressure off trying to "create" something.  I never really thought that making art while listening to something would make me pay more attention to what I was hearing... very interesting theory indeed!

By the way, I don't recommend listening to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat" before going to bed... I'm sure my dreams will be interesting tonight! :D

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  1. Wow, that's great! You truly have this doodle idea working for you. I'm having trouble, but that is my brain.

    I love how you added the colour (the key to the beauty in a lot of your work :D) You have a nice piece of work here.

    (who didn't manage to do hers :( )


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