Thursday, October 7, 2010

Drawing Lab Challenge #1!

The first project from the Drawing Lab Challenge just happened to be the first project in the book: Draw 30 cats - in bed :D lol.  Well, not all my cats were drawn in bed, some were on the couch, some on the floor, some while sitting cross legged in a chair.  I also tried drawing some cats with my left hand to try to loosen up a little ;) Overall, this was a fun exercise!

Here's the results! (Don't laugh too hard...some of them are pretty bad! lol)

I liked this little sleepy kitty the best so I inked it and then used my pen tool in photoshop to trace it out after it was in my computer.  It turned out a little choppy (I'm a little rusty with my photoshop skills) but it's midnight and I am too sleepy to go back in and fix it! ;)

Week one is done! I can't wait to find out what Nutty will choose for the next project!
Good night everyone! (or good morning, it's pretty late! ;))


  1. I love your little cutie :D Nice work. And I think you have some other sketches in there that could be worked up to final pieces too. Great stuff!

    Next challenge is up!

    (dashing to a crying baby)

  2. Super cool cats!!!
    I love the addition of the mice too :)
    (And the bat cat - awesome!)

    Your finished photoshop cat is fantastic... I love that "pose"


    p.s. Your mixed media "doodle" below is beautiful.

  3. Thanks guys! It was fun coming up with different ideas - cats are definitely not something I would normally draw! It was great seeing what everyone else came up with as well! So many good ideas.
    I'm starting work on this weeks challenge right now...:)
    Happy creating as usual! :)


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