Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Latest Resin Coated Piece!

Hello again!

I'm just loving the resin lately! So worth the time and effort! This latest resin coated piece was a client request.  It is an 8"x 10" high quality print, flush mounted on cradled wood and sealed with a two part epoxy resin. I'm so loving how these little projects are turning out I just had to share!

If any of you are curious, this version of the print will also be available in my Etsy shop soon!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Off to catch up on some more work! :)


  1. Beautiful!

    I love your one - eyed monsters too :)


  2. Gee, I just love the resin on your work.It gives it so much depth and makes the colours just so vibrant.

  3. Oh this is just gorgeous! It's so ornate and fanciful, you have a real eye for detail. The colours are most beautiful too!

  4. I love this fairy so much!
    Just to let you are runner up in my giveaway of goodness!! :) Yay!!
    A little something will be on its way to you if you email me your address!! :) xxx
    loveandpeas at

  5. Thank you for your awesome comments guys! :)
    Jenny, I can't wait to get my "little something" in the mail! Yay! Sweet! :):) Thanks again!


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