Saturday, October 16, 2010

Better Late Than Never... Drawing Lab Challenge #2!

Last weeks random assignment from the Drawing Lab Challenge was #26, One-Eyed Monsters! Tis the season! :)
Here are some of my ideas... I love this kinda stuff, so much fun, anything goes!

The one below is my favourite and I would love to add to him - in a future project maybe ?? You never know!
  The next two are inspired by a splotch monster a day - a blog I found a while ago by Steve that I just love.  This was my first attempt at making my own splotch monster, I think Steve makes it look so much easier :D Fun though to say the least! I later made the thing on it's tongue into a bird... seemed necessary, lol...

Then I broke the rules and made one with 2 eyes! :O
So I couldn't resist making an entire monster made of "eyes" - not nearly as gross as it could be! Needs some "detailing" LOL ;)

The next Drawing Lab Challenge is #3 "My Pet Project"- 10 minutes of gesture drawing your pet... do fish count? :D No detailing either! But I like detailing.... lol!

Until next time! Have an awesome weekend! :)


  1. This drawing lab sounds like it pushes you out of your comfort zone. These monsters are cool. My favourite is the two eyed one. Looks like a lot of fun

  2. I love all of these! Especially second, fourth and last. I wanted to do a multiple eye one too, but never got there. May do it sometime anyway.

    I like the colour ones. Nery interesting use of techmique.

    Umm, you might like to recheck the Drawing Challenge #3 - its the third challenge, but it is Lab 36. Sorry! (of course, if you've already started I could always make next week's Lab 3 :D It won't be wasted in any case)

    Sorry I've been behind on my commenting, the family is under a deluge of lurgy.

    Hope you're not.

    (fight the bugs! Fight!)

  3. Ahh! I misread! Thx for the correction! That might be a bit better than gesture drawing my fish! ;) (I haven't started yet lol)
    Thanks for the comments as always! :)


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